REAMO is a joined initiative of Utrecht University, S4W-NepalICIMOD and USOME and builds on years of scientific expertise, regional knowledge and the latest web and weather station technology. Watch our documentary on the work ongoing in Asia here or check our website  for updates on recent research output. REAMO is inspired by the success in Africa by TAHMO.



Walter Immerzeel

UU (Utrecht University Netherlands)

Dr. W.W. (Walter) Immerzeel has seventeen years’ experience in geo-informatics, water resource management and climate change and is skilled in hydro-meteorological monitoring, the use of remote sensing, simulation models and spatial analysis and he has been doing research on Himalayan hydrology since 2002. 


Jakob Steiner

UU (Utrecht University Netherlands)

Jakob Steiner grew up in the Alps and has been up and down mountains on skies or a rope all his life. He has worked with different measurement setups in Central and South Asia as well as China and his current research focuses on glaciers and hydrology in mountainous catchments in the region.


Pasang Tamang


Pasang Tamang is an owner of web development company in Nepal that deals from simple to complex industry level applications. Already spend 10 years with Dutch IT companies. He loves technology and programming because he is into abstractions. That’s why he likes to analyze and strategize. He is a Data conversion specialist in REAMO.

Melvin van Rookhuizen

ZAAKS! (Web development company based in NL and Nepal)

Melvin van Rookhuizen is a veteran in concepting and building all sorts of online websites and applications. Has been working with partners in Nepal for 12 years and feels a strong bond with the country and its people.

Rajaram Prajapati


Rajaram Prajapati is Chief Executive Officer of SmartPhones For Water Nepal (S4W-Nepal). Rajaram’s primary interests include groundwater modelling, traditional water management system and river basin management. Rajaram is currently leading a citizen-science based project in the Kathmandu valley. Besides, he is also involved in research on “Assessment of groundwater level variations (temporal and spatial) of the Kathmandu valley.” Mr. Prajapati is representing Nepal in CitizenScience.Asia as a country ambassador. Rajaram has always had a passion for research in these areas, and is excited to be part of the project!